Ojai Wedding Story: Rick and Tiffany

Recently, I had the chance to photograph a very special wedding:  my sister Tiffany’s wedding.  Tiffany and Rick met at a kids triathlon event that was held in honor of her son/my nephew, Sully, who lost his life in an accident in January 2013.  What a year of emotions and depth, loss, and even, joy.  You will see on their cycling ride how they visited a memorial spot that Tiffany has for Sully there in Ojai, as well as a photo with Sully’s shoes near his mom’s feet, honoring the fact that surely he was witnessing this joyous wedding with the rest of us.  Tiffany and Rick, thank you for letting me capture your memorable and beautiful day.  You two are special.

With love,

Breanne & Paul

  • Kristie said:

    I LOVE THESE PICTURES SO MUCH. You are amazing!