Baby Photo Shoot Birthday Party, for my Simone

Simone recently turned 1.  She is growing so fast.  I decided to throw her a sparkly, gold, slightly French birthday party.  I based it around 4 babies who were born within just days of each other.  Scroll to the bottom of this post to see their insanely cute selves in a photo shoot meant just for them.

You might be a bit unrealistic and lacking in sanity if you decide to plan, prepare, and photograph your 1 year old’s birthday party a month after Christmas (I still consider that to be Christmas recovery time + wrapping up the busy photography season).  And you also might be me in this scenario.  While I enjoy hostessing, and photographing all things cute like 4 little babies, I also have realized that I probably can’t pull off all of my wild ideas on these combined ambitions + a limited budget.  Ok, well enough disclaimers.  We had lots of fun, and photographing 4 babies, who dawned the colors of the party; gold, white and black, just does not get any more fun and cute.  Simone is in good company with these cool cats.

Handsome baby Oscar was not having it with our French flare addition to the party.  However, his older brother Levi, on the other hand…

….. found the budding, strapping monsieur in himself, and he clearly liked it.  

And so did Harper.  Curls and all.  🙂

Simone loves her Grandma’s kisses much more than she is leading on. 

Next party, create your own party hats.  And make each one a little different.  And BLAST them with glitter.  It’s worth the leftover sparkles that linger for weeks.  🙂