Mountain View High School Senior Portraits

A little while back I did senior portraits for this beautiful miss Julianne here.  When she described her interests as design, arts/crafts, etc., and showed me some images she liked … well I became extra excited.  I love a photo shoot where we are not afraid to go pensive, serious, and sometimes even (as Julianne could tell you from my direction..) emotionless.  There is something just beautiful to me about a more serious photo.  And one in which you ask the beautiful subject to remove all emotion from her face .. well, it seems to give the viewer permission to just gaze a little longer, and process a little deeper.  If you’re thinking, ‘no…. I need smiles in my photos!’  I know, .. you do.  But next time you’re in front of the camera (hopefully my camera? 😉 ), allow those quiet moment photos to happen as well. …With you, with your kids, with your spouse…  You may learn more about yourself from the photos when you gaze at them in 20 years, then you do from the happy moment moment photos.  One last thing … I could go on and on about the benefit of capturing the happy moments too.  Just know, you can do both, and I recommend you do.