What to wear to Alt Summit … or …What we wore at Alt Summit

What to wear to Alt Summit.  Could there possibly be a better way than to just show you what we wore to Alt Summit?  Below, you’ll find highlights of the fashion of Alt Summit.  There was so much more than this too!  Looking at this, the idea of going to Alt Summit may stress you out if you do not enjoy dressing up too much.  Don’t let it.  The atmosphere was very comfortable.  There was a wide variety of fashion and styles, and if nothing else, you can just think of it as a time to enjoy wearing what some of us might normally feel overdressed in.  It was quite fun to wear things a little more boldly, and just blend in.

I’m looking forward to seeing your shout outs, and shares!  Enjoy!  And feel free to pin away and tuck away for future outfit inspiration.  These girls are chalk full of it.  : )

P.S.  I’m looking forward to adding my own Alt reflections in a next post, as well as captures of our upcoming trip to Chicago to photograph a wedding.  And I’m also looking forward to revamping my website and sharing more current fashion/food/lifestyle/wedding/product photography.  So stay tuned!!  It’s been lovely to meet you all!  Say hello!!

P.P.S.  Also, when you’re done here, go check out Reachel Bagley’s inspiration pulled from a couple of my photos, showing you how to apply this Alt fashion to your own personal styles.


Tuesday night Sponsor dinners..

Kaylynn Young, rep of www.agnesanddora.com, also of  the blog, www.amongtheyoung.com.

Monique of www.antisparkle.com, Sara Schmutz of www.confettisunshine.com.

Samantha Stewart (Sam), pharmacist, mom, and fashion blogger of www.styleofsam.com.

Wednesday Morning…

Sam of www.styleofsam.com, & Erin Mercado, of www.candykirbydesigns.com

Christine Tafoya of www.deluxemoderndesign.com/journal, and Melyssa, of www.thenectarcollective.com.

Emily Martin, of www.JSFashionista.com, and Rachel Faucett, of www.handmadecharlotte.com.

Laura Collard, of www.robandladi.blogspot.com.

Wednesday Night Food Truck Party

Cyndie Spiegel, of www.cyndiespiegel.com.

Ginger Parrish, of www.parrishplaceblog.com.

Bryn Newman, of www.stonefoxstyle.com.

Conni Jespersen, of www.artinthefind.com.

Nicole Hudson, of www.botcommunications.com.

Lisa Anderson Shaffer, of www.zelmarose.com, Sarah Deragon, of http://portraitsofthepeople.com, and Emily McDowell, of www.emilymcdowell.com.

Izzy Hudgins, of www.izzyhudgins.com, & Bethany Everett, of www.tentysomethingplus.com.

Alex Evjen of www.avestyles.com, and Hilary Walker of www.ourstylestories.com.

Jessica Gleim, of www.petitelemon.com.

Tammy Petro, IG – @tammypetro, and Briton Alo, of www.radmomcoolkid.com

Reachel Bagley, of www.cardiganempire.com, and well, me, Breanne Johnson, of uh..this website (www.redpoppyphoto.com) 🙂 Disclaimer, the two photos of myself on here, are styled by the fabulous Reachel Bagley,  which gives me reason to include my own outfits in the Fashion of Alt post, don’t you think?

Thursday Morning…

Jane Rhodes, of www.seejaneblog.com, & Stasia Savasuk, of www.thriftmepretty.com.

Erica Patten, of www.patten-family.blogspot.com.

Christine Tafoya of www.deluxemoderndesign.com/journal.

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Hilary Walker of www.ourstylestories.com.

Ginger Parrish, of www.parrishplaceblog.com.

Alex Evjen, of www.avestyles.com.

 Ashlee Prisbrey, of www.ImTopsyTurvy.com.

…I’m sad, I can’t remember your lovely name!  Who can fill me in?

Cyndie Spiegel, of www.cyndiespiegel.com.

The Gabrielle Blair, of www.designmom.com.  🙂

(This beautiful ensemble is what she wore when she interviewed, Martha Stewart).

Beth Allen, of www.bethallenart.com.

Reachel Bagley, of www.cardiganempire.com.

Thursday Night Garden Party (with a floral theme).

 Kate Dowden, of www.resilientbodynutrition.com, Jessica Gleim, of www.petitelemon.com, & Cat Pagoaga, of www.thriftylittles.com.

Cyndie Spiegel, of www.cyndiespiegel.com & Reachel Bagley, of www.cardiganempire.com.

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Kaylynn Young, of www.amongtheyoung.com, and Christine Tafoya of www.deluxemoderndesign.com/journal.

 Also, I didn’t catch the name and website of this lovely girl in the middle.  Can anyone fill me in?

Izzy Hudgins, of www.izzyhudgins.com & Audrey Wagner King, of www.frenchknotstudios.com.

Tiffany, of www.ruerococo.com.

Breanne Johnson/Me again (www.RedPoppyPhoto.com), styling by Reachel Bagley, of www.cardiganempire.com (Two sided skirt by @Shelleybeeoriginals).

Sam of www.styleofsam.com.

You my dear are so gorgeous, and I need help on getting your info!  Who can fill me in..?

McKenzie Guymon, of www.girllovesglam.com, & Jenna, of www.thelifeofthewife.blogspot.com.

Shelby Osmond, of www.brandonandshelby.com & Amy, of www.thislittlemiggy.com.

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