Untamed Little Darlings

Recently, Fashion Consultant, Reachel Bagley of Cardigan Empire, and artist, Beth Allen, and I staged and directed this shoot that is very special to us.

It is a mix of dainty and free like dandelions, a little wild, like horses, fancy – but not quite like Iggy Azalea, and adorable like … Shirley Temple.

Take a look.

Credits Include:  My Little Jules, a collection from Tutu Du Monde and Joyfolie, Location:  Uptown Plaza Shopping Center (currently under renovations), Wardrobe and Artistic Staging/Direction:  Reachel Bagley/Cardigan Empire, Canvas Artwork and Artistic Staging/Direction:  Beth Allen/Beth Allen Art, and Photography and Artistic Staging/Direction:  Yours Truly/Red Poppy Photo.