Sunny and Jacob; A Birth Story

If you were to describe this birth mom’s disposition, it would be synonymous with her name; Sunny.  She has a white picket fence leading up to her front door, and lays out platters of cookies and crackers beautifully for her midwife, doula and birth assisting family members, while in labor.  And as much as you can’t believe she’s making such thoughtful gestures while embarking on her birthing journey at 42 weeks strong and multiple false labors under her recent belt, she is, and it is the real deal.  No fake sun here with Sunny, just genuine warmth and positive energy.

To document Sunny’s birth story was an absolute privilege and beautiful experience.  Sunny has birthed at home before with her other three kids and is a prenatal professional, providing in-home ultrasounds for expectant mothers.  I am sure many of my viewers have not seen too much or any of a home birth and are quite curious about it.  Sunny and Jacob’s present family members were so supportive and kind and reverent about the birth.  You would only know there were several people in the room by looking, but not by listening.  Sunny and Jacob’s kids seemed to know what to expect, and were eager to help their mom and welcome their baby brother.  Their second, McKinley, almost 5, seemed to be naturally adept at doula-like duties; she just quietly and respectfully poured a bowl of warm water on her mom’s back over and over again.  Then she would calmly observe for a while and then go back to pouring water, without a word.  ..If she doesn’t enter the birthing field one day, I will be surprised…
Well, enough of my words, the rest of these photos of a calm and peaceful birth from one well seasoned mom will say much more than any further words.