Red Poppy Photo Arizona Photography Location Sampling…

I’m so excited about this project.  I’ve worked long and hard to bring my clients a sampling of locations for future photo shoots.  Reach out to me at if you would like to schedule a photo shoot; an engagement session, a newborn session, a family session, a blogging or business session, or a wedding

(My weddings aren’t shown in this post as much but I love them and want to do a similar post about weddings…)

Have a gander!

#1:  North Central Mesa.

Green + Simple & Clean.

#2:  My Home, a white bedding scene and my studio backdrops.

The gray backdrop is good for groups of 4 or smaller, the pink backdrop for 1-2, as well as a white backdrop for 1-2.

(White bedding available to bring to your home as well…)

#3:  Your own home.  Although these examples have gorgeous homes, that does not need to be the case, I promise.

I’m doing more and more journalistic and lifestyle sessions, which work beautifully in people’s homes.

 If you’d like to use your home, let’s just communicate about lighting quality and lighting needs in advance.

#4:  North Central Mesa, Arizona landscape, makes for great lighting.

#5:  East of Mesa; wild and dense Arizona landscape.

(Reasonable travel fee applies)

(Habit Salon Photo Shoot…)

#6:  North Central Mesa.

Ivy, Ivy, Ivy.

(Also, is my Taya not something cute and full of life?)

#7:  North Mesa.

Private Residence, limited availability, lots of variety.

#8:  East of Mesa by 30 minutes.

One of my favorite favorite places to be and to photograph in Arizona.

(Admission required and reasonable travel fee applies)

#9:  North Mesa.

Citrus.  Rustic.  Pink.  Green.

#10:  North Central Mesa.


#11:  Phoenix.

Arizona landscape, so beautiful.

(Admission fee required)

#12:  North Gilbert.

Arizona landscape.

#13:  North Mesa.

Green and overgrown like this in the spring.

#14:  Salt River, northeast of Mesa, lots of variety here.

The water levels and colors change here by season; it is more wheat-colored in the summer time.

#15:  North Gilbert, the ‘non-Arizona’ spot.  ; )

The thickets of tall, leafy trees here makes for a more woodsy, sometimes fall-ish look.

The trees go bare near New Years, green by spring, and yellowish by fall.

#16:  East Gilbert.

Another ‘non-Arizona’ spot.  ; )

#17:  Payson, AZ area.

(Travel fees apply.  Look for mini sessions in these areas though)

#18:  North Mesa.

Craving green, …and cuteness.

#19:  South Gilbert.

Tan tones, farm fields and the LDS Temple for baptisms, weddings, missions, and family portraits.

#20:  South/central Gilbert;

Napa Wine Valley – in Arizona!

+Modern and Metallic Vibes…

($50 location fee applies)

#21:  East Gilbert.

Lots of variety; modern, architectural, ivy and desert landscape.

#22:  Tempe.

Urban.  Midcentury textures.  Modern.

(Also, my ‘impartial’ opinion is that these three girls are dang cute.)

#23:  Tempe.

Architectural.  Modern.

And water play … clearly.  😉

(Permission granted for the taking and posting of this photo 😉  )

#24:  Downtown Mesa.

Modern and architectural.

#25:  Downtown Phoenix.

Architectural.  Traditional.  Quaint.  Warm Tones.

#26:  Downtown Phoenix.

Modern.  Architectural.  Cool tones.

(This photo was a quick snap, but I’d love to go back here for a photo shoot.

To get to this particular room of concrete, paid admission is required.)

#27:  Downtown Mesa.

Architectural.  Traditional.  A little rustic.

(can be distracting for little ones, as it faces a busy street)

#28:  North Mesa.  Mini Session material, just one blue (but pretty!) wall.

#29:  Downtown Gilbert.

($25 location fee applies)

#30:  Downtown Gilbert.

Clean White.

#31:  Downtown Phoenix.

Lots of variety!

#32:  Downtown Mesa.


(Still in the ‘Together’ spot…)

#33:  North Central Mesa:  Mini Session White and Ivy Wall.

(Pardon the pre-formal event portrait of myself, had to document that ‘I’m all gussied up’ moment…, but I do enjoy this pretty location!)

#34:  South Gilbert.

Simply Rustic.

#35:  North Mesa.

(Location fee applies)

#36:  North Central Mesa.

Those stairs are a dream to photograph portraits on.

This location is for small groups with limited availability.

And that is all my friends!!

Clients, if you would like to use one of these spots, just identify it by number for me or screen shot it and provide it to me.

I can’t wait to see what ideas and inspiration these locations bring you!!

Keep your eyes open for more location additions coming soon…


Your Photographer,


Red Poppy Photo