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Untamed Little Darlings

Untamed Little Darlings
Recently, Fashion Consultant, Reachel Bagley of Cardigan Empire, and artist, Beth Allen, and I staged and directed this shoot that is very special to us. It is a mix of dainty and free like dandelions, a little wild, like horses, fancy - but not quite like Iggy Azalea, and adorable like ... Shirley Temple. Take a look. Credits Include:  My Little Jules, a collection [...]

Is that Summer Bellessa? Or Kate Middleton?

Is that Summer Bellessa?  Or Kate Middleton?
My friends, check out this beautiful, intriguing and entertaining collaboration I did with Summer  Bellessa, Babble Blogger, actress, model, and half of 'The Girls With Glasses'.  Summer and I were chatting on the phone, brainstorming for our next collaboration, when she mentioned she had a great grouping of clothes from Boden, a savvy British clothing compa[...]

Statement Necklaces: Photographer Outfit Upgrade

Statement Necklaces:  Photographer Outfit Upgrade
I've had the chance to attend Altitude Summit & Craft Culture this year, and both conferences/workshops emphasized the importance of branding.  One part of branding is dressing the brand that you want to communicate.  While I want to communicate authenticity and a natural, down-to-earth sense in my ways and my style, and ultimately my photography, I also want to c[...]

What to wear to Alt Summit … or …What we wore at Alt Summit

What to wear to Alt Summit  … or ...What we wore at Alt Summit
What to wear to Alt Summit.  Could there possibly be a better way than to just show you what we wore to Alt Summit?  Below, you'll find highlights of the fashion of Alt Summit.  There was so much more than this too!  Looking at this, the idea of going to Alt Summit may stress you out if you do not enjoy dressing up too much.  Don't let it.  The atmosphere was very com[...]

Johnson’s Go Glam

Johnson's Go Glam
Please excuse me while I humor some shameless vanity, the fact that my husband is a good photographer, the fact that I can use photoshop -on myself, the fact that my dear friend, Reachel Bagley is the best stylist ever, and the fact that Paul and I actually had the rare opportunity to dress formally for a 'black and white gala' for a work-related function (humor my ru[...]