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9/11 Memorial Museum

9/11 Memorial Museum
On my New York trip this summer, my sister, Tiffany and I visited the 9/11 Memorial Museum in Lower Manhattan.  It was a high priority for us to see the memorial, but we almost didn't visit the museum due to time and there being 1 million things to see and do in New York.  Well we did visit the museum and I am so glad we did.  It was meaningful at the time, but then t[...]

Untamed Little Darlings

Untamed Little Darlings
Recently, Fashion Consultant, Reachel Bagley of Cardigan Empire, and artist, Beth Allen, and I staged and directed this shoot that is very special to us. It is a mix of dainty and free like dandelions, a little wild, like horses, fancy - but not quite like Iggy Azalea, and adorable like ... Shirley Temple. Take a look. Credits Include:  My Little Jules, a collection [...]

Oh Joy Inspired Birthday for Two Sisters

Oh Joy Inspired Birthday for Two Sisters
I just love the Oh Joy collections at Target; their spring party collection from last year inspired so much use of color and pop and whimsy and beauty in my mind for this birthday party for my two oldest girls, Taya and Dyllan.  They were turning 7 & 4, so we held a combined birthday party with lots of their friends, and played classic games like musical chairs, p[...]

Johnson’s Go Glam

Johnson's Go Glam
Please excuse me while I humor some shameless vanity, the fact that my husband is a good photographer, the fact that I can use photoshop -on myself, the fact that my dear friend, Reachel Bagley is the best stylist ever, and the fact that Paul and I actually had the rare opportunity to dress formally for a 'black and white gala' for a work-related function (humor my ru[...]

Simone’s Portraits

Simone's Portraits
Simone and I had a few dates together, and this is what we came up with.  As my brother said, she's now probably had more time in front of the camera than he has in his 43 years of life.  It's a bit hard not to utilize every opportunity and every idea in my head when I've got this lovable, squishable, sweet perfection of a newborn!  Enjoy my indulgence over my third l[...]

Simone’s Written Birth Story

Simone's Written Birth Story
I wanted to share the written portion of my little Simone's birth story here.  You can see her photo birth story here.  Although it's personal content for a photography blog, and written as a letter to my Simone to read one day when she is older, I believe we all connect on the personal aspects of life.  This birth story has much context, that may be worth sharing, in[...]

Simone’s Birth Story

Simone's Birth Story
Arriving to Mercy Gilbert Hospital at 7:45am, 6 hours after my water broke; not having gone into real labor on my own... Triage - prep for Antibiotics Waiting, waiting. No real labor of my own yet. Fetal monitoring shortly after mild Cervidil Induction ... 2.5 hours after the Cervidil, our little Simone arrived. Routine hearing test.