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Kristi & Mike’s Cozy Session

Kristi & Mike's Cozy Session
My fellow collaborators and I had such great reception on our stylized  forest wedding shoot in my last post.  If you missed it, you can see some of my favorite images below! ... ....Here, take a look at this fun shoot I had over the holidays for this newly married couple's Christmas card.  Kristi and Mike were so gracious and helpful toward me, and full of love for e[...]

Woodland Wedding Featured on Wedding Chicks

Woodland Wedding Featured on Wedding Chicks
This week one of my photo shoots was featured by The Wedding Chicks (here).  I had recently collaborated with a brilliant, local team to create this unique, beautifully stylized wedding shoot; all based around the idea of incorporating a fawn and its mama deer.  Jami Pitts of Posies Floral (the florist) had the idea of working with the deer, and Summer Bellessa (the m[...]

Molly and Mickey’s Whispering Tree Ranch Wedding

Molly and Mickey's Whispering Tree Ranch Wedding
Molly and Mickey's wedding day at Whispering Tree Ranch in Laveen, Arizona was just beautiful.  Beautiful!  Molly and Mickey had a connection that was mesmerizing to witness.  My lens and I were just in awe.  I think you'll see what I'm talking about in these images below. Enjoy..


Sopping wet. Sopping wet is what children become after they make a mess of the front yard with paint and mud...

Mountain View High School Senior Portraits

Mountain View High School Senior Portraits
A little while back I did senior portraits for this beautiful miss Julianne here.  When she described her interests as design, arts/crafts, etc., and showed me some images she liked … well I became extra excited.  I love a photo shoot where we are not afraid to go pensive, serious, and sometimes even (as Julianne could tell you from my direction..) emotionless.  There[...]

Johnson’s Go Glam

Johnson's Go Glam
Please excuse me while I humor some shameless vanity, the fact that my husband is a good photographer, the fact that I can use photoshop -on myself, the fact that my dear friend, Reachel Bagley is the best stylist ever, and the fact that Paul and I actually had the rare opportunity to dress formally for a 'black and white gala' for a work-related function (humor my ru[...]

Craft Culture Workshop

Craft Culture Workshop
Recently I had the opportunity to photograph the Craft Culture Workshop at Orchid (downtown Phoenix), created and thrown by the wonderful and gracious Leanne of Belyn Design, creator of a beautiful handbag line sold in Anthropologie.  All of you from the workshop who come visit this blog, hello again!  It was such a pleasure to meet you!  Feel free to browse around my[...]

Simone’s Birth Story

Simone's Birth Story
Arriving to Mercy Gilbert Hospital at 7:45am, 6 hours after my water broke; not having gone into real labor on my own... Triage - prep for Antibiotics Waiting, waiting. No real labor of my own yet. Fetal monitoring shortly after mild Cervidil Induction ... 2.5 hours after the Cervidil, our little Simone arrived. Routine hearing test.

Rachel and Ben’s Wedding

Rachel and Ben's Wedding