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Sneak Peek: Be Crafty Workshop with Maggie Holmes & Amanda Rydell

Sneak Peek:  Be Crafty Workshop with Maggie Holmes & Amanda Rydell
On Saturday I had the chance to photograph Maggie Holmes' and Amanda Rydell's Be Crafty Workshop here in Arizona.  Everything they decorated and served was absolute eye candy and they were the kindest of hostesses.  I love-love attending these creative venues and meeting all of these wonderful gals.  There are just so many wonderful people doing wonderful things out t[...]

100 Year Flood in Arizona

100 Year Flood in Arizona
Late last night a storm hit the Phoenix Valley.  Normally we receive an average of 3/4" of water in all of September.  In just several hours of straight rain, we've had over 4" of water, some places in the valley over 5" of water.  They're saying this is likely the most rain we've received at once in 100 years.  Might not sound so crazy, but for us[...]

Flowers in Their Hair …

Flowers in Their Hair ...
Woods.White.&PosiesFloral.  That's all you need for a dream-like photo shoot.  We recently went camping as a family, and I decided to sneak a special photo shoot in of my girls on the first morning, before they became filthy with campground dirt.  I carefully bagged up their white clothing, and put these stunning, artful flowers in a cooler, to go, and off we went[...]

Welcoming Baby Mallory

Welcoming Baby Mallory
My dear friends Melanie & Jarom welcomed this sweet little bundle named Mallory last week.  If you know Melanie & Jarom, then you know that you are privileged to know them.  They are so genuine, and they make you feel special every time you're around them.  Not to mention they're the best to laugh with.  ..So to photograph them welcoming their 4th, was so spec[...]

Is that Summer Bellessa? Or Kate Middleton?

Is that Summer Bellessa?  Or Kate Middleton?
My friends, check out this beautiful, intriguing and entertaining collaboration I did with Summer  Bellessa, Babble Blogger, actress, model, and half of 'The Girls With Glasses'.  Summer and I were chatting on the phone, brainstorming for our next collaboration, when she mentioned she had a great grouping of clothes from Boden, a savvy British clothing compa[...]

Statement Necklaces: Photographer Outfit Upgrade

Statement Necklaces:  Photographer Outfit Upgrade
I've had the chance to attend Altitude Summit & Craft Culture this year, and both conferences/workshops emphasized the importance of branding.  One part of branding is dressing the brand that you want to communicate.  While I want to communicate authenticity and a natural, down-to-earth sense in my ways and my style, and ultimately my photography, I also want to c[...]

Jackie and Christien’s Wedding Sneak Peek!

Jackie and Christien's Wedding Sneak Peek!
What a beautiful wedding with an amazing couple.  Their future is sure to hold some seriously good things in it. I can't wait to delve into their beautiful images full force, but until then, check out these couple of sneak peeks!  You'll see what I'm talking about..  

What to wear to Alt Summit … or …What we wore at Alt Summit

What to wear to Alt Summit  … or ...What we wore at Alt Summit
What to wear to Alt Summit.  Could there possibly be a better way than to just show you what we wore to Alt Summit?  Below, you'll find highlights of the fashion of Alt Summit.  There was so much more than this too!  Looking at this, the idea of going to Alt Summit may stress you out if you do not enjoy dressing up too much.  Don't let it.  The atmosphere was very com[...]