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Sunny and Jacob; A Birth Story

Sunny and Jacob; A Birth Story
If you were to describe this birth mom's disposition, it would be synonymous with her name; Sunny.  She has a white picket fence leading up to her front door, and lays out platters of cookies and crackers beautifully for her midwife, doula and birth assisting family members, while in labor.  And as much as you can't believe she's making such thoughtful gestures whi[...]

Simone’s Birth Story

Simone's Birth Story
Arriving to Mercy Gilbert Hospital at 7:45am, 6 hours after my water broke; not having gone into real labor on my own... Triage - prep for Antibiotics Waiting, waiting. No real labor of my own yet. Fetal monitoring shortly after mild Cervidil Induction ... 2.5 hours after the Cervidil, our little Simone arrived. Routine hearing test.