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Untamed Little Darlings

Untamed Little Darlings
Recently, Fashion Consultant, Reachel Bagley of Cardigan Empire, and artist, Beth Allen, and I staged and directed this shoot that is very special to us. It is a mix of dainty and free like dandelions, a little wild, like horses, fancy - but not quite like Iggy Azalea, and adorable like ... Shirley Temple. Take a look. Credits Include:  My Little Jules, a collection [...]

Is that Summer Bellessa? Or Kate Middleton?

Is that Summer Bellessa?  Or Kate Middleton?
My friends, check out this beautiful, intriguing and entertaining collaboration I did with Summer  Bellessa, Babble Blogger, actress, model, and half of 'The Girls With Glasses'.  Summer and I were chatting on the phone, brainstorming for our next collaboration, when she mentioned she had a great grouping of clothes from Boden, a savvy British clothing compa[...]

Statement Necklaces: Photographer Outfit Upgrade

Statement Necklaces:  Photographer Outfit Upgrade
I've had the chance to attend Altitude Summit & Craft Culture this year, and both conferences/workshops emphasized the importance of branding.  One part of branding is dressing the brand that you want to communicate.  While I want to communicate authenticity and a natural, down-to-earth sense in my ways and my style, and ultimately my photography, I also want to c[...]