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Sunny and Jacob; A Birth Story

Sunny and Jacob; A Birth Story
If you were to describe this birth mom's disposition, it would be synonymous with her name; Sunny.  She has a white picket fence leading up to her front door, and lays out platters of cookies and crackers beautifully for her midwife, doula and birth assisting family members, while in labor.  And as much as you can't believe she's making such thoughtful gestu[...]


Sopping wet. Sopping wet is what children become after they make a mess of the front yard with paint and mud...

Jackie and Christien’s Illinois Wedding

Jackie and Christien's Illinois Wedding
What a great wedding.  Jackie & Christien are two sharp, giving, wonderful people.  Paul & I were privileged to photograph their beautiful wedding day in Elburn, Illinois, filled with loved ones, sentimental touches, loyal friends, laughs, and meaningful moments.  Check out their beautiful wedding day through our lenses.  And as a side-note, Chicago, we're big[...]

Ojai Wedding Story: Rick and Tiffany

Ojai Wedding Story:  Rick and Tiffany
Recently, I had the chance to photograph a very special wedding:  my sister Tiffany’s wedding.  Tiffany and Rick met at a kids triathlon event that was held in honor of her son/my nephew, Sully, who lost his life in an accident in January 2013.  What a year of emotions and depth, loss, and even, joy.  You will see on their cycling ride how they visited a memorial spot[...]