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100 Year Flood in Arizona

100 Year Flood in Arizona
Late last night a storm hit the Phoenix Valley.  Normally we receive an average of 3/4" of water in all of September.  In just several hours of straight rain, we've had over 4" of water, some places in the valley over 5" of water.  They're saying this is likely the most rain we've received at once in 100 years.  Might not sound so crazy, but for us[...]

Simone’s Birth Story

Simone's Birth Story
Arriving to Mercy Gilbert Hospital at 7:45am, 6 hours after my water broke; not having gone into real labor on my own... Triage - prep for Antibiotics Waiting, waiting. No real labor of my own yet. Fetal monitoring shortly after mild Cervidil Induction ... 2.5 hours after the Cervidil, our little Simone arrived. Routine hearing test.

Rachel and Ben’s Wedding

Rachel and Ben's Wedding